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  • Is Talking a Forgotten Art in the Workplace?

    This is National Conversation Week 2018 – when we’re encouraged to talk to friends, family, even strangers because conversation is being drowned out in a sea of social media. You’ve only to watch people in restaurants, staring at their phones, rather than talking to those they are with, to realise that there is something to

    67% of Full Time Employees Wish to Utilise Flexible Working!

    In this modern time of 2017, workplace management continues to advance and develop as time progresses. Here at Advanced Workplace Associates (AWA), we have been advocates for workplace research, specifically in regard to how different workplace management styles and workplace designs impact employee culture, workplace productivity and cognitive performance. Agile working is an approach that

    The Difference between Agile Working and Flexible Working

    For years the two terms have been used in a rather arbitrary way. This had led to confusion and not benefited the management of modern workplaces. The dictionary meaning of flexible is adaptable, variable, or easily persuadable, tractable. Not the same as agile which evokes speed – rapid adaptability. Graham Jervis, Director at AWA, examines

    Personal reflections on IFMA’s World Workplace: San Diego, October 5th-7th 2016

    A Workplace Evolutionary By Chris Hood   The very fact that the globe’s largest facility management association is describing its largest annual gathering as World Workplace acknowledges the fact that this profession is spinning away from the purely tactical to a more strategic and important role in supporting the mission and value of the workforce.

    How Can Organisations Improve Knowledge Worker Productivity?

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    AWA’s Karen Plum on Shareradio’s Morning Money to discuss how organisations can improve the workplace productivity of their knowledge workers. Improve Productivity within the Workplace As noted in the video, Knowledge Worker Productivity can bring instrumental benefits to your organisation. By analysing the state of your current organisation and then enhancing the six factors, your organisation

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