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  • How to Map Performance Measurements to Strategy – Step 4

    The Importance of Inclusivity and Engagement in Performance Management In our previous blogs we described the first three steps to ensuring Performance measures are aligned with Strategy. Step 1 – Workplace Measures and Strategy Step 2 – Identifying Positive Workplace Performance Measures Step 3 – Identifying Quality Performance Measurements and Outcomes This time, we highlight

    3 Ways To Align Goals

    The Advanced Workplace Associates (AWA) team have investigated what is required to achieve maximum workplace productivity. Our leading research in Knowledge Worker Productivity has highlighted that a contributing factor to achieving workplace productivity success, is the presence of vision and goal clarity. When coordinating any team, it is essential that objectives are aligned and that

    4 Ways to Encourage Trust and Increase Performance

    In our last blog we explored the importance of trust at work. This time we look at 4 ways to encourage trustworthy behaviour – and as we know that trust has a positive impact on team performance, it is anticipated that working on trust will help improve productivity, relationships and retention.   4 Ways to

    Talking Up, Phones Down!

    I was talking to a colleague the other day and we were discussing the need and drive of generating social interaction in the workplace, more specifically – the meeting/board room. The discussion was on the back of the article, “How To Get People Off Their Phones In Meetings Without Being A Jerk” by Kirstie Hedges.

    Establishing and Maintaining Trust in the Workplace

    A few years ago, Advanced Workplace Associates (AWA) were involved in a research project that looked at the productivity of knowledge workers. We wanted to understand the things that contributed to the workplace performance of teams, so that we could help ourselves and others to focus on the aspects that science told us were important.

    What is Space Planning?

    Put simply, space planning is the process of designing how occupants will use a given space. For workspace design, this includes how much of the space is dedicated to types of work (collaborative, solitary etc.), how people will move through the space and how it will be equipped. At Advanced Workplace Associates (AWA), we believe

    How to Map Workplace Performance Measures to Strategy – Step 1.

    Workplace Performance Measures and Strategy In an earlier Blog we discussed the need to establish workplace performance measures that mapped upon the strategic outcomes that the client business sought. To do this, it is obvious that we must understand what the strategies mean in really simple terms. It is unfortunate that strategic statements rarely are

    3 Tips For Flexible Working

    Advanced Workplace Associates (AWA) are proud advocates for agile working and activity based working (ABW). As we’ve highlighted in other articles (see below), alternate ways of working like agile working commonly adopt flexible working practices that help enable teams to work anywhere and at any time. This working style is increasingly being utilised in workplaces

    Winter and Workplace Performance

    It’s come to that time of year where the northern hemisphere starts to freeze over. That’s right, winter is upon us and our friends in the United Kingdom and the United States are well aware of what that means. It’s time to bring out the extra layers of clothing, time to start turning on the

    Can Happiness at Work Survive Uncertainty?

    Happiness and How its Related to Business Performance and Individual Productivity There is growing a belief that individual happiness has material causative effects on business performance and individual productivity. Harvard Business Review reports that companies with disengaged employees have 37% higher absenteeism and 60% more workplace errors – disengagement can occur when uncertainty lurks around the

    The Under-Productive Workplace

    Under-Productivity in the Workplace No one can deny that high workplace productivity is the goal of most organisations. As a business manager or leader, it’s likely you want to improve the performance of your people – recognising that “doing okay” isn’t good enough. Advanced Workplace Associates share that view and work hard to help organisations

    Employees of the Future and Workplace Productivity

    Maintaining Workplace Productivity for the Millennial Employee The 21st century has brought about revolutionary and innovative workplaces. Some in which foster and improve workplace productivity and some that don’t. When looking towards the next generation of the workforce, it is evident to conclude the workplace we had 5-10 years ago is beyond obsolete. This futuristic

    3 Healthy Workplace Tips for Leaders

    Business leaders are majority of the time (if not always) under incredible pressure and stress. When there are deadlines to meet and people to please it becomes difficult to keep on top of your health and well-being. Advanced Workplace Associates (AWA) have done the research and are happy to present you with three healthy workplace

    Knowledge Sharing in the Workplace

    Information Sharing Workplace Having researched the things that influence team productivity, we know that social cohesion is the most important factor. If we like our colleagues and know them well, we are more likely to trust them and participate in knowledge sharing. It therefore follows that in order to establish a workplace culture that enables

    The Importance of Social Cohesion

    Social Cohesion in the Workplace As a business manager, it is your role to create a workplace culture that fosters workplace productivity and employee engagement. Social cohesion is the key to workplace productivity and instrumental to a successful workplace culture. This term ‘social cohesion’ can be characterised as a shared liking or team attraction that includes

    How Summer Effects Workplace Performance

    Summer in the Office Here we are, in the middle of summer 2017. The sweat is pouring as the temperature is climbing. As a workplace consultancy, Advanced Workplace Associates (AWA) can professionally tell you that hot weather can significantly decrease the productivity of your employees.   Hubspot reports that once the temperature reaches 90 Fahrenheit

    Introduction to Workplace Productivity

    “How can I make my workplace more productive?” – a common question with a complex answer. If you have asked yourself this question, then you would know that measuring the productivity of knowledge workers (people who ‘think for a living’) can be undertaken in a multitude of different ways – none more logical than the

    The 6 Factors of Knowledge Worker Productivity: Chapter 14 – Using the 6 Factors to Make a Difference in Workplace Productivity

    So by now you’ve got a good handle on the 6 Factors of Knowledge Worker Productivity, why they are important and how you can orientate everything in an organisation to achieve a significant increase in workplace productivity.   Performance Management and Measuring Productivity Performance management and productivity measurement are key to business success. As they

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