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  • How to Map Performance Measurements to Strategy – Step 4

    The Importance of Inclusivity and Engagement in Performance Management In our previous blogs we described the first three steps to ensuring Performance measures are aligned with Strategy. Step 1 – Workplace Measures and Strategy Step 2 – Identifying Positive Workplace Performance Measures Step 3 – Identifying Quality Performance Measurements and Outcomes This time, we highlight

    Workplace Performance Management and the Troublesome Trucks

    The Difficulties of Workplace Performance Measures The Christmas break offers the opportunity to read children’s stories to grandchildren and this year I ploughed into Thomas the Tank Engine and got reacquainted with the Troublesome Trucks! If you aren’t familiar with the Trucks, let me just say that they are always causing trouble, they like to

    How to Map Workplace Performance Measures to Strategy – Step 3.

    Identifying Quality Performance Measurements and Outcomes “We already have loads of measures that take lots of effort to gather data on and which result in very few decisions that affect real lasting improvements.” In the previous two blogs on this theme we discussed how “weasel” words lead to ambiguous views on employee performance and how

    What is Space Planning?

    Put simply, space planning is the process of designing how occupants will use a given space. For workspace design, this includes how much of the space is dedicated to types of work (collaborative, solitary etc.), how people will move through the space and how it will be equipped. At Advanced Workplace Associates (AWA), we believe

    How to Map Workplace Performance Measures to Strategy – Step 2.

    How to Identify Positive Workplace Performances That Will Impact Strategy In the last Blog we described the need to weed out Weasel words in strategy statements. In this Blog we focus upon the need to identify the most significant performances that we can deliver that have positive causative impacts upon those strategic goals. In doing

    How to Map Workplace Performance Measures to Strategy – Step 1.

    Workplace Performance Measures and Strategy In an earlier Blog we discussed the need to establish workplace performance measures that mapped upon the strategic outcomes that the client business sought. To do this, it is obvious that we must understand what the strategies mean in really simple terms. It is unfortunate that strategic statements rarely are

    Big Data in Facilities Management

    Exploring Facilities Management Buzzwords If we are to believe the Facilities Management (FM) media, the Internet of Things and Big Data are about to transform the workplace strategy industry. Technology developments and their potential for radical change often provides an exciting subject for articles, conferences and webinars. Closer inspection and looking to the evidence of

    What is Activity Based Working?

    Activity Based Working Definition Let’s start off by first stating that “Activity based working” and “Agile’ working methods are terms that tend to be used interchangeably in the world of workplace strategy. Both workplace options describe different ways of working that enable people to choose where, when and how they work, according to the needs

    What is a Workplace Consultant?

    The professional services industry has grown and diversified as knowledge workers continue to advance and learn. The business management and consulting industry itself has developed into a large spectrum of specialty fields (such as change management, data migration, marketing consulting and more) that work to improve the knowledge economy across organisations. Workplace management is a

    Describing Workplace Transformation

    Recently I was asked for my views on how Workplace Strategies were resulting in workplace transformation. It got me thinking… Could you have a workplace transformation without having a workplace strategy in the first place? Workplace transformation describes one option for change that supports or aligns with a workplace strategy or objective. Furthermore, what did

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