Given the challenges facing organisations working hard to determine what their future ‘normal’ will look like, there has never been a better time to bring about change.

HR, Operations, Communications, FM and CRE teams are working together to determine what life will look like for employees come June 21st. It’s a complex myriad of priorities and business needs. This is where a Workplace Consultant can help.  

A Workplace Consultant is a management consultant who uses new models of working and an in-depth understanding of culture, space, technology and human behaviour to improve the performance of the business and empower leaders to achieve their goals.

We use science, understanding and experience to link all the aspects of your world together –how you implement IT, train your leaders, evolve your culture and ensure existing policies and procedures meet the needs of your people. Only then can you reap the rewards of new ways of working, holistic change management and create the best experience.

Following a year of rapid change, there has never been a better time to rethink, reimagine and renovate – but don’t just take our word for it. The headlines are full of organisations changing their work models. PwC, Santander, Nationwide, Citigroup – all moving towards models that incorporate flexible, hybrid working that better meet their needs.

Whether it’s ramping up activity-based working (allocating different types of spaces to undertake particular tasks) or a more systematic and purposeful move towards flexible (agile) working (from home or other), the last year has shown us that now more than ever, people are wanting to choose where, when and how they work. 

These newer models acknowledge each person as a key contributor with the skills and competence to be able to work in the most appropriate places to meet their personal and business needs. Whereas, “older” models are characterised by presenteeism, daily office attendance, and hierarchical management models.

A top class workplace consultant will help organisations discover the right workplace strategy for their evolution. The job requires knowledge of Business Strategy, Marketing, Human Resources, IT, Information Management, Psychology and change management – and crucially, the ability to bring these all together to truly innovate and improve the employee experience.

Still curious?

We start out by getting to know your organisation and working with leaders to answer the simple question ‘What are you seeking to achieve?’. Then through a Deep Dive Discovery process, we establish….

  • the priorities and overarching vision of the leadership – what is it they’re wanting to achieve?
  • existing processes, policies and practices in play and how efficient these are (we do this using our AWA Profiler tool)
  • the effectiveness of the current technology infrastructure
  • the fundamental purpose, usage and any constraints of the physical space

Once we know this, we’re then able to:

  • Evaluate the way the organisation currently works
  • Facilitate group sessions and workshops to get under the skin of how they work and people’s true needs  
  • Analyse data to really understand the current situation and benchmark the change
  • Develop strategic, evidence based proposals to make all aspects of the organisation’s strategy for work better and more effective to deliver business goals
  • Design and Implement smart change management programs to set a clear path to a new and improved future normal.

Collaboration is key to create solutions that work for your people and your business needs. But it’s not always easy to determine those in-house. With the help of a Workplace Consultant, you can embrace change and move your organisation forwards on your path to a future normal.