Workspace Strategy to Halve your Workspace!

Advanced Workplace Associates (AWA) have created a tool that reveals the utilisation patterns of your workplace. By this, we mean how employees use certain areas and features of your physical workplace. The tool acts as a resource of guidance when organisations need to make workplace strategy decisions regarding office relocation, office designing or are thinking about a transition to agile working.

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Did you know that workplace utilisation studies often find that only 40-60% of the office space is being utilised? Imagine the things your organisation could do if you found that only half your office was needed! Perhaps you’d install a new café? Or maybe you’ve been wanting a new social area for your staff? The possibilities are endless if you have the right workplace data.

How would your workplace strategy change if you knew you could save millions on real estate? I imagine you would be able to afford more modern and productive workplace tools. Workplace management involves the planning of your office design, dissection of workplace analytics and enhancement of workplace productivity. More effective space utilisation will lead to more options for your business that will shape the future of work within your organisation.

The workplace management consultants at AWA suggest a workplace transformation to a more agile working methodology. An agile working framework provides the how, when and where in regard to the working approach of your employees. In our experience, human performance is commonly seen to improve in relation to team collaboration and worker productivity.

Workplace strategy is complex and requires expertise and planning. If your office requires a workplace management consultant, contact Advanced Workplace Associates on +44 207 743 7110. Alternatively, you can email with your inquiry. If you’re interested in a face to face, you can organise an appointment at our UK office located at 40 Gracechurch St, London EC3V 0BT.

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