Knowledge Worker Productivity

Knowledge Workers are workers who ‘think for a living’.

Knowledge based organisations are the aggregation of the knowledge and energy of the people that work for them. The essence of knowledge worker productivity management is to maximise the value from employee knowledge and energy and point it in the direction of things that create superior value – doing this will ensure optimum workplace productivity.

The Knowledge Worker


The knowledge worker is an individual that requires the right tools and resources in order to remove barriers to their productivity.

It must also be noted that a knowledge worker is a fickle worker. They can decide to give you all their energy, endeavour and knowledge or they can decide to be miserly. And as organisations become more and more dependent on them in this knowledge economy, it is critical for the long-term success of the business that the knowledge worker and their productivity is managed.

Knowledge based businesses need to create the right conditions to enable maximum knowledge sharing, knowledge ‘refreshment’ and focus on the workplace components that are going to make the biggest difference to workplace performance.

AWA Advanced Workplace Associates Workplace Utilisation Study

Getting the most from every brain on the payroll (individually and collectively) is now a key driver for business success.

AWA Advanced Workplace Associates 2018: Creativity

The Prime Conditions For Optimum Workplace Productivity

So how do you create the prime conditions for knowledge worker productivity?

Our study undertaken in partnership with The Centre for Evidence Based Management (CEBMa) examined research published in English within the most respected academic databases in the world. It came forward with 6 Factors that are the most highly correlated to Knowledge Worker team productivity. 

The rigour and efficacy of the process used by CEBMa guarantees that data is ‘bullet proof’ and can be relied on as the best available scientific evidence on the subject at this time.


Knowledge Worker Productivity Resources

The 6 Factors of Knowledge Worker Productivity









& Goal Clarity





We apply the 6 Factors of Knowledge Worker Productivity through programmes and assessments and help achieve the optimum of level of team productivity. Get in touch with our research experts to learn how your organisation can increase workplace productivity.

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