Workplace Management

We help leaders in CRE, FM, HR, IT and Operations to deliver excellence in their workplace management.

Workplace management embraces everything that touches people in their daily work life, including: space, services, daily operations, technologies, information, behaviour and the psychological and social environment.

Using a science based approach, we help organisations design, deliver and manage workplace experiences that support human productivity.

What is a Workplace?

The workplace is defined as the physical, information and social environment in which work tasks are performed.

This includes:

  • People and culture – how we work together
  • Workspace – where we work (remote working or in the office)
  • Technology and tools – the assets that enable work and enhance our performance

What is the Definition of Workplace Management?

Workplace Management is the management of all physical and technological resources needed to maximise human productivity.
The workplace can be managed through the design & maintenance of appropriate,
effective and economical workplace experiences that align to strategic business objectives to support people in doing their best work every day, wherever they are.

The Workplace Management Framework

Developed by a cross-industry group and lead by AWA’s Graham Jervis and Andrew Mawson, our framework and maturity audit tool are pioneering pieces in defining and promoting Workplace Management as a discipline.

The Workplace Management Framework provides a model of 10 workplace management capabilities that organisations can use to benchmark and measure against. We provide a range of services to support organisations on their journey to Workplace Management.

AWA Advanced Workplace Associates: Strategic Management

Organisational Review and Development

We work with leaders in CRE, FM, HR, IT and supply partners through an entrepreneurial process. We first engage with you and your senior business leaders to get a picture of the future before working with you to align and evolve your organisation’s capability.


Sourcing Support

Sourcing service providers to deliver your unique ‘workplace experience’ is a complex matter. It’s difficult to define the right level of partnering.

We help you identify what you need from your service provider and how to embed them in your organisation, taking into consideration culture, services management, commercial arrangements, contractual terms, and financial stability.

Workplace consultants can assist you in designing, delivering and managing great workplace experiences.


To effectively plan and manage an integrated workplace management strategy, we recommend you call a workplace strategy consultant. Our workplace consultants can support project management and decision making for the entire real estate portfolio.

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