Workplace Strategy


Workplace Strategy

We develop workplace strategies and experiences based on science that help you deliver your business goals.

Workplace Strategy…What are we seeking to achieve?

A Workplace Strategy is a ‘Blueprint’ that sets out how to get the most from your people and workplaces. 

Backed by science and evidence, and generated through an intense process of internal and external research, our Workplace Strategies put your people and business at the heart of the process and asks “How can we turn your workplaces into competitive tools?”

Some of the questions we’ve helped our clients answer include:

  • Should we relocate or should we redesign our existing work environment?
  • How much space do we really need? What are our workplace options?
  • Where should we be located?
  • What does the future of work look like?
  • How do we increase human productivity, energy & collaboration?
  • How can we use our workplace assets more effectively?
  • How can we grow our own headcount without extending our fixed cost base?
  • Can we introduce agile/activity-based working and how do we use this working style to enhance performance?
  • How can we create a modern office and use it as a recruitment and retention tool and attract the best talent in the marketplace?
  • How can we energise our workplace culture?
  • How can we increase individual and community productivity?
  • How can we become nimble enough to survive in a volatile marketplace?
  • Could we move to a totally ‘virtual’ model with no office space at all? Will this reduce costs?

Workplace Strategy is about everything your people experience every day. 

It’s about working out the best spaces, locations, technologies, processes, practices, services, agility and culture needed to support your people and provide a platform for business success. 

It’s also about defining and proposing new working practices and understandings to help your people perform at their best.

We have worked with a variety of professionals including people in Corporate Real Estate, HR, IT and Facilities Management, in order to create the ideal work environment.

AWA Advanced Workplace Associates: Workplace Strategy Diagram

We use your ‘moment of workplace change’ as a catalyst for a range of initiatives 

These will make your business more effective and more agile; consciously and meticulously linking to your business goals, strategy, culture and context. 

An effective workplace strategy transforms work and the way in which the workplace operates. It is about defining, designing and creating friction-less workplace experiences and portfolios that act as performance enhancers to help everyone be the best they can be wherever and whenever they work. 

When to refine your workplace strategy

We recommend consistently working on your workplace strategy. This will ensure your organisation remains competitive, your people productive, and your workplace cost efficient.

Critical times to re-evaluate include: 12-18 months before an impending lease break, a redesign or refurbishment of office environments, a review of your office portfolio and in the event of a merger or acquisition.

Developing a workplace strategy is the first step…

To help us gain insights into our client’s organisations, employee work patterns, workplace usage, business objectives, dreams and needs.

In order to do this, our workplace consutltants configure a series of studies and workshops.

AWA Advanced Workplace Associates Workplace Utilisation Study

In a competitive world, it’s vital that every ounce of value is squeezed out of every asset.

Increasingly, the workplace experience is being seen by innovative leaders as a tool in the battle to recruit the best talent and support professionals in delivering their best performances. The workplace experience has immense value and putting the workplace ‘consumer’ at the heart of the design and management process is key.

AWA Advanced Workplace Associates Workplace Utilisation Study

To reach for elite organisational performance, great workplace experiences are not enough.

For clients aspiring to exceptional performance we construct bespoke programmes that apply the findings from our research programmes in a practical and innovative way building on Wellness and Engagement programmes.

We have the scientific research that tells us how we can use Workplace Management as a tool that enhances performance and improve workplace productivity.

AWA Advanced Workplace Associates Workplace Utilisation Study

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