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Designing Workplace Experiences

For us, a workplace experience is a multi-faceted, multi-sensory, second by second immersion that leaves an impression in the mind of the workplace ‘consumer’.

Organisations depend more and more on their ‘knowledge workers’ for commercial success.

The experience they have at work is being recognised as an increasingly valuable tool in the battle to recruit, retain and motivate.

In our world, every second of the workplace experience must reflect an organisations unique purpose, personality and values.

Every person must be supported in being at their best every day without friction and the experience must be designed and procured to enable rapid organisational and market change.

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Designing a workplace experience requires a very different approach to the dis-integrated traditional process we see today.

It requires a holistic, multi-disciplinary design team and process that explores how every second and every sense can be used to deliver value.

The Workplace Experience Design Process


Workplace Experience Brief

Internal and external research to define the requirements for the workplace experience.


Synthesis & Innovation

Synthesising all inputs to establish a series of goals for the workplace experience.


Journey Design

Breaking the workplace experience into a series of journeys and considering how goals generated in stage two can be represented and translated for each sense. 



Translating journey designs into a series of deliverable specifications.



Working with the project team to deliver joined up experiences.


Workplace Management

Holistically managing and evolving the workplace experience.


Create a better workplace strategy by getting the foundations right. Contact a workplace management consultant for more information as we are specialists in workplace design and workplace experience.

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