What Workplace Data you Need for your Workplace Strategy

Workplace strategy is about pulling all the big data and workplace analytics, then outputting the information into a strategic approach that best suits your workforce and office environment. Advanced Workplace Associates (AWA) have found that the key to effective workplace management is gathering the right data and interpreting it the right way. You may be thinking… “What is workplace data?” – don’t worry as this is a common question that organisations do not give enough thought to. Workplace data includes such things as information from workplace utilisation studies, factors effecting employee performance and feedback and also, characteristics impacting workplace culture and workspace design.

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Workplace data is based on your organisation employees. Employees are, in essence, your most vital asset, and your workplace should be used to empower their performance. Office design ideas and workplace changes often forget to consider the needs of employees. AWA have found that more successful businesses are ones that put human performance at the core of their workplace strategy.

Workplace strategies can achieve a variety of different things that can empower your organisation. For example, AWA have conducted research projects about improving knowledge worker productivity. This piece of research discovered 6 factors that can influence the productivity levels of your workers. Imagine boosting the speed and quality of your employees!
AWA also undertook research into cognitive performance. We learnt what conditions have been proven to foster your employee’s cognitive fitness and allow them to work at their optimum. These papers have changed the future of work and empowered organisations world-wide.

AWA encourage you to think about what your workplace strategy is doing for your employees. Consider if your workplace is design is empowering or hindering your workplace performance. If you are interested in re-working your workplace strategy, or require a workplace consultant to gather data, please make contact with Advanced Workplace Associates today.

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