Employees of the Future and Workplace Productivity

The 21st century has brought about revolutionary and innovative workplaces. Some in which foster and improve workplace productivity and some that don’t. When looking towards the next generation of the workforce, it is evident to conclude the workplace we had 5-10 years ago is beyond obsolete. This futuristic generation I mention is not far off, in fact they are here and there is a lot of them. As business leaders it is important that we consider that our workplaces need to be able to adapt for the change of working attitudes and needs. Millennials are the result of baby boomers and counts as those born between 1980 and 2000. Similar to other generations, they are a unique generation and their requirements for stimulation and productivity are becoming the new norm. It is not an easy feat to cater to the productive employees of the future.

 Workplace for Productive Employees

In a report undertaken by Business Know-How, it was highlighted that the main attributes behind the millennial mentality is the fact that business opportunity and possibility are essentially endless. With this in mind, most millennials aim to constantly accomplish the most they can – both in their business and personal affairs. In the experience of AWA, we find that commonly, people in this generation are quick at adapting to and utilising new technologies. We find that if a company’s workplace is an environment is agile enough to adapt to multiple generations, it will be able to service the different levels of stimulation their workers need. But the question you may be asking yourself is… How do we foster productivity and attract this power?

In the United States of America (USA) there was a study that highlighted that 57% of millennial interviewees consider work-life balance as an important factor when choosing a job. In the experience of our past workforce surveys and research, we have found that it is not only millennials but it is common for most of the workforce to hold a degree of value for workplace flexibility. You’re probably thinking ‘How can my workplace be productive and give my employees what they want?’ – well the answer is agile working. Agile working is a way of working that empowers your workforce to achieve more for less. AWA have found that by implementing a workplace strategy that considers human performance as one of its prime objectives, the barriers to workplace productivity are stripped away and behaviours often change for the better.

The transition to agile working is an organisation wide behavioural change that acts to the empower staff to workaway from their desk. In light of this, office utilisation, behavioural development and new ways of working often enable a reduction of costs as well as an improvement of employee performance. Basically, you’re giving the workforce what they need to perform their best whilst reducing costs!

Advanced Workplace Associates have developed the 6 factors of knowledge worker productivity. This research is unique in nature as it is the first sound metric system that measures workplace productivity! Don’t just make the change but learn how to measure its effectiveness and scope.

Productive employees are an asset that need to be attracted, retained and empowered. For more information, contact an AWA workplace consultant on +44 207 743 7110 today or inquire via email at info@advanced-workplace.com

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