Workplace Productivity: An Introduction

How can I make my workplace more productive?” – a common question with a complex answer. If you have asked yourself this question, then you would know that measuring the productivity of knowledge workers (people who ‘think for a living’) can be undertaken in a multitude of different ways – none more logical than the other.

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Advanced Workplace Associates (AWA) has pondered this fact continuously and investigated what components foster “Workplace productivity”. By understanding this, AWA have managed to alter the work environment in a way that enables and empowers clients all over the world that are undergoing workplace transformations. We have worked with organisations in places such a  New York, Chicago, Boston (USA) and London (UK) and have assessed what workplace factors act as productivity killers and need attention in order to maximise the benefits of the workplace experience. Workplace productivity is a concept that proves to stimulate business activity and furthermore generate income and profit. Now ask yourself: Is your workplace strategy designed to work with or against workplace productivity? Have you even thought about how you can increase productivity?

Here are the 6 Factors that affect Workplace Productivity

The design of the workplace experience needs to incorporate appropriate workplace strategies to address six key factors. These six components work together to empower workplace productivity. By manipulating the workplace design to further these behavioural elements, the workplace will be ideal for productive work.

The factors are as follows:

  1. Social cohesion
  2. Perceived Supervisory Support
  3. Information Sharing
  4. Vision/Goal Clarity
  5. External Communications
  6. Trust

These six factors are specific to the knowledge worker, that is; someone who thinks for a living – for example an accountant, consultant or something similar to an administration role. The concepts cover the most critical components that cultivate and improve productivity within the workplace. The research behind them was carried out by The Centre for Evidence Based Management, a global network of academics that teach and practice in the worlds most respected universities.

In our experience, we have found that a transition to a new style of working is an effective way to make this workplace change into a higher performing workplace. At AWA we specialise in activity based working and agile working methods, our expertise is supported by the research studies we have undergone. These studies have shown us that the nature of knowledge work is best complimented with these modern management styles. Research shows that encouraging employees to work through these six factors can be instrumental to organisational success.

If you’re curious as to whether or not your workplace strategy is bringing your organisation towards a the right workplace vision, you can contact a workplace consultant for advisory. With our research into knowledge worker productivity, we are equipped to make workplace behaviour changes that will create better quality work and ultimately, enhance performance and improve employee focus.

Advanced Workplace Associates are industry leaders in workplace design and managing workplace change. Seek the advice of an AWA workplace strategy consultant for all matters in regard to workplace productivity and strategy. For more information on how the six factors can change your business for the better, contact AWA on +44 207 743 7110.

Next time we will be shedding some light on summer in the office, so stay tuned!

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