London and Partners: The Transition to Agile

London & Partners

The transition to Agile

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AWA Advanced Workplace Associates: Mintel
AWA Advanced Workplace Associates: Mintel
AWA Advanced Workplace Associates: Mintel

Setting the scene

London & Partners (L&P), the official promotional company for London, occupy a single floor of 2 More London Place, near London Bridge, boasting one of the best views in the capital.

The Challenge

We were tasked with improving the workplace experience, increasing revenue from the innovative use of space, helping to accelerate the shift to a more agile culture.

AWA Advanced Workplace-Associates Case Studies Edge

The Solution

The solution involved completing a fortnight long workplace utilisation study, where we monitored the use of workplace ‘objects’, such as desks, meeting rooms and café area. There was also liaison between the IT, HR and FM functions to understand the opportunities and challenges of the workplace infrastructure. By including input from all parties, we ensured everyone had a role in shaping the vision for the new space and new way of working. Armed with this information, the AWA team were then able to provide strategic advice and to develop a project plan for the new workplace.

Supported by innovative technology, new working practices were implemented in order to empower employees by offering them the freedom to decide where and how they work. Building on the agile workplace and working practices, London & Partners has become a ‘pathfinder organisation’ for AWA’s new pioneering developments; notably trialing AWA’s “Six Factors” methodology, based on its Knowledge Worker Productivity research programme.

Prior to the move to agile working, London & Partners office accommodated around130 people. Now it supports 180 staff, plus on average 25 people in the “Traveltech” Lab, London’s first incubator, focused solely on travel technology.

AWA Advanced Workplace Associates: Meeting

“In addition to their understanding of how to create effective workplaces, AWA brought a fresh and pragmatic approach as well as a robust process to review usage of our workspace and how we could turn our multiple objectives into reality.” 

Andrew Cooke, COO of London & Partners


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