Research Series

AWA Hybrid Working Index

Andrew Mawson
By Andrew Mawson,

Founder & Managing Director

15 August 2022

Published: 2022

Series summary

In June 2022, we launched the AWA Hybrid Working Index,  a quarterly data review to track the development of hybrid working strategies and office rate attendance overtime across the world.   A panel of organisations participated, submitting data from nearly 80 offices in 13 countries representing nearly 80,000 employees.

Each organisation completed a short survey detailing for each of their locations the hybrid policies being applied, the total number of employees and desks in each building, and the number of people using the office each day in a typical week.

This information has allowed us to create a detailed picture of hybrid working policy and office use across multiple sectors and geographies.  The headline findings, along with comparison between sectors and geographies, are presented in this report.  The Index is conducted quarterly, so data can be reviewed and compared over time.

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