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Working Online

When working away from the office, reliance upon technology increases significantly. We use technology for a whole range of different types of communication – talking to each other, seeing each other, sharing information, keeping track of workflow, knowing who’s available and when, and so on. Our on-line workshop will provide tips and tools in setting up Microsoft Teams and maximising adoption. 

When: 4pm UK | 12pm US EST| Thursday 16th April

Where: Online (Link will be sent out 1 hour prior to start of event)


AWA Advanced Workplace Associates: Cognitive Performance

Workshop Aims

  • Setting up and managing Teams
  • Teams and email 
  • File and knowledge management
  • Tips for file management, syncing and sharing
  • Adoption, the challenge and strategy
  • Working online and visibility
  • Running meetings and interactions
  • Multiple Teams working
AWA Advanced Workplace Associates: Cognitive Fitness

The Issue

If people aren’t used to using the technologies that they’ll need to rely on – or they don’t use them in the right way, then problems can ensue. People can’t find what they need, don’t connect with colleagues because they are not competent in the use of the technology, or lose touch with what’s happening with colleagues if they don’t keep up to date.

Fortunately, tools like Microsoft Teams provide a well joined up experience for people working apart – as well as when they are in the office together. So we need to ensure that everyone has the right level of competence and is sufficiently motivated to adopt the right practices and behaviours.

Our Contributors
AWA Advanced Workplace Associates: Andrew Mawson, Founder

Founder & Managing Director, AWA

Andrew is recognised as one of the UK’s leading thinkers on the evolution of work and the workplace. Since founding AWA over 25 years ago, he has worked at strategic level with organisations including Merrill Lynch, RBS, Network Rail, Santander, Unicef UK, Welcome Break, Willis Towers Watson, The Home Office and The Cabinet Office to support them in improving the performance of their workplace portfolios.

Andrew has been closely involved in the AWI and its predecessor the Workplace PIN since their inception.

AWA Advanced Workplace Associates: Colombine Gardair, Senior Associate

Senior Associate, AWA

Colombine is a Senior Associates with AWA. She is a cognitive engineer by training and holds a PhD in human interactions. She has worked in a range of sectors including automotive, financial services and education and brings a solid research background and extensive experience of user-centred design.

As a human factors specialist, she is skilled at gathering and understanding the needs of users and translating them into functional specifications. Her work focuses on developing workplaces and experiences that deliver value to organisations by enhancing the day to day satisfaction of their people.

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