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Due to our constant curiosity in the world of work and workplace, we have developed a highly effective partnership with the Centre for Evidence Based Management (CEBMa)

Our research has been curated using an incredibly robust process to identify the best available academic evidence.Working together, we have unearthed the best available science in key areas associated with work, the workplace and human performance.

We provide research studies for clients (occupiers & suppliers) to support them in unraveling new areas of innovation.

See below for some areas of information that may guide your understanding.

AWA Advanced Workplace Associates: Research
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Knowledge Worker Productivity

Knowledge based organisations are an aggregation of the knowledge and energy of the people that work for them

In this competitive world, it’s vital to maximise the value of every person’s contribution. Our research highlights 6 factors that really make a difference to team and community performance.


Managing the Agile Workforce

Working apart from colleagues is a common experience for many – but success isn’t guaranteed unless we do things differently

Our research highlighted the factors that are important to get right when people work remotely from each other – things that can easily be overlooked by the unwary.

Cognitive Fitness Noise-advanced-workplace-associates-AWA-UK-USA

Cognitive Fitness

Our research revealed factors that impact the brain’s performance – so we better understand what makes a difference

Organisations essentially buy people’s “brainpower”, so knowing what impacts cognition allows us to minimise the disruptors and maximise the beneficial impacts of these vital factors.

AWA Advanced Workplace Associates: Managing the Agile Workforce Chapter 2

Designing  Workplace Experiences

Find out more about this two year research programme by AWA

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