Hybrid Working Consultant

Having spent well over a year trialing various types of remote and hybrid working, leaders and workers alike are now …

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Never Going Back Again

Written by Karen Plum, Director of Research and Development, AWA While waiting to be interviewed on a BBC Radio show …

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Low Carbon Working

It seems a long time ago that Climate Change was our number one source of anxiety. Since the Covid-19 pandemic …

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Downsizing your Workspace?

Is your organization looking to refocus the business and possibly reduce it’s workforce? Office downsizing is a smart alternative that …

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Resistance to Change

Change Management Series – Chapter 5 A theme through this series of blogs about workplace change management is resistance. For …

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Space can only do so much!

You’ve probably guessed by now that I’m a fan of the open plan office design. (Not apologizing, just sayin’ – …

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Change Management Principles

Change Management Series – Chapter 2 There are many things said about change – that it is hard, that “everyone …

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Workplace Data and Design

Don’t let the Cart drive the Horse The chief criticism of the Harvard Business Review study on the open plan …

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What is Change Management?

Change Management Series – Chapter 1 We live in a world that is constantly changing – the pace of change …

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Agile Working-BAU Process-advanced-workplace-associates-AWA-UK-USA

3 Ways To Align Goals

The Advanced Workplace Associates (AWA) team have investigated what is required to achieve maximum workplace productivity. Our leading research in …

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Cognitive Fitness Noise-advanced-workplace-associates-AWA-UK-USA

Talking Up, Phones Down!

I was talking to a colleague the other day and we were discussing the need and drive of generating social …

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Workplace Utilisation: Advanced Workplace Associates

What is Space Planning?

Put simply, space planning is the process of designing how occupants will use a given space. For workspace design, this …

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Advanced-Workplace-Associates-awa-flexible working - agile working

3 Tips For Flexible Working

Advanced Workplace Associates (AWA) are proud advocates for agile working and activity based working (ABW). As we’ve highlighted in other …

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Workplace Strategy - London - United Kingdom - UK - AWA - Advanced Workplace Associates-3

What is Activity Based Working?

What is activity based working you ask? Let’s start off by first stating that “Activity based working” and “Agile working” …

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Benefits of Agile Working

The Benefits of Agile Working Practices Without naming names, it is clear from the projects we work on here at …

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What is a Workplace Consultant?

Workplace Consultants support organizations in implementing new models of working, thinking and organizing in the workplace to help their leaders …

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