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Drop in for our monthly bitesize YouTube series where we discuss a common workplace challenge with an industry guest and offer key steps to set you on your path for change – all in just 10 minutes, followed by an interactive live Q&A.

What is Key Steps?

Key Steps provides a unique opportunity to tune in LIVE each month to YouTube and submit your questions to some of the most experienced and eminent change experts, thought leaders, innovators and / or senior business leaders to find out what the future of work looks like for them.

Each month, Senior Workplace Consultant Partha Sarma will be joined by an industry guest to scratch beneath the surface of some of the most common challenges facing their world of work today and reveal their recommended key steps to navigate change.

Whether it’s transitioning your organization to hybrid working, implementing an effective space optimization strategy that avoids the Wednesday to Friday bottleneck, or shaping your culture and HR policy to meet the needs of the employer and the employee. Each episode will explore a shared challenge, relating to HR, communication, culture, leadership and business growth, to help business and team leaders everywhere seek comfort in the shared unknown, understand what changes are afoot and the key steps necessary to prepare today for a future that works.

You’re one click away from a fresh perspective that could well hold the power to change everything.

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Upcoming Episodes

Key Steps: How to create a compelling workplace experience in a hybrid world
Date: Wednesday 4 May (12:00ET / 09:00AM PT / 17:00BST)

Over the last two years, the digital (remote) employee experience has become just as important as the physical (“in-office”) one; with the pandemic putting more pressure on aspects of work like well-being, culture and training, at a time when the competition for talent is fierce.  With the majority of workers reconsidering their work-life balance, delivering a positive employee experience has become more crucial than ever. It’s little surprise, “The Great Resignation” (or “Reshuffle” as it has been termed) has put the employee experience at the top of many corporate priorities in 2022.

Creating a sense of belonging, culture, meaningful bonds, and connection without the daily trip to the physical office is now top priority for most organizations. A people centric approach, taking into consideration each individual’s needs and wants, is paramount to attracting and retailing the right talent – but how best should organizations approach this?

Join us LIVE on YouTube this Wednesday for the next installment of our bitesize series, and find out the key steps to creating a compelling workplace experience. This week, host Partha is joined by special guest, workplace expert and published author, Lisa Whited (based in Maine, US).  Lisa will reveal how organizations should rethink their workplace experience, to both attract and retain the best talent in a “post-Covid hybrid world”.

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