The Importance of Social Cohesion

As a business manager, it is your role to create a workplace culture that fosters workplace productivity and employee engagement. Social cohesion is the key to workplace productivity and instrumental to a successful workplace culture. This term ‘social cohesion’ can be characterised as a shared liking or team attraction that includes bonds of friendship, caring, closeness and enjoyment of each other’s company. At Advanced Workplace Associates (AWA), the increase in productivity witnessed by getting the social science right has been indisputable.

Does your office enable your staff to be socially empowered? Is there social mobility within the office design? What social policy is implemented in your workplace to help support the key factors of workplace productivity? It is critical that your workplace strategy incorporates inter-team communication and bonds, even more so your workspace should also encourage it. Many offices today see such tools as social media as being threats to the workplace community. Did you know, that Microsoft did a study that proved 46% of employees were actually more productive by using social media as a communication tool. Social media isn’t necessarily the answer, but the fact is that adding social tools such as Skype for Business, Microsoft Teams, Google Hangouts or Slack to the business environment can boost employee productivity.

In addition to social technology in the workplace, there is the matter of office design and workplace experience that must be modified to encourage social inclusion of staff. It’s important that your space does not encourage social exclusion as a result of the design and layout that have been implemented. Organisations should provide staff with areas in which social interactions can be encouraged, this includes meeting rooms, break out areas and even a coffee station – these can vastly improve the social elements of the workplace. These meeting points are all areas in which ideas can be exchanged and built upon. Furthermore, by implementing a workspace strategy that encourages social cohesion,  you will be fostering innovation and productive lines of thinking.

Workplace management strongly incorporates talent management. That is, giving your employees the right environment to deal with the daily stress of work. More so, staff need to feel a sense of belonging in order to do their best work for the organisation. Improving social relations will see a considerate difference in the productivity of your staff. It is important that your office space planning or even your office relocation takes into account social scenarios in order to help maintain healthy workplace dynamics for your team. If unsure abour your workplace strategy, we advise you speak with a workplace consultant.

If you need help building the right environment to foster workplace productivity, then contact Advanced Workplace Associates. Call a member of our workplace consultant team on +44 (0)207 743 7110 or email and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Next time we will be discussing knowledge sharing in the Workplace!

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