The Advanced Workplace Institute

Underpinned by research, focused on outcomes.

The Advanced Workplace Institute (AWI) is dedicated to supporting inspirational leaders from all disciplines of business (including Operations, Corporate Real Estate, Facilities Management, HR and IT) as they journey to a future model of Workplace Management that aligns to strategic business objectives and supports people in doing their best work, wherever they are.

Our Mission is to support leaders in changing the world of work for the better​.​

Our Vision is to create a world where people and organisations work in better ways to enhance business performance, enable healthy lives and create a sustainable future.

Workplace Management is the holistic management of all resources needed to design & maintain appropriate, effective and economical workplace experiences that align to strategic business objectives and support people in doing their best work every day, wherever they are.

Why join our mulit-disciplinary club?

We are moving to a time when organisations are increasingly dependent on the ingenuity, knowledge, intellect and productivity of their knowledge-based workforce’s.

Workplace is no longer exclusively a physical space – it is both virtual and connected and provides the social platform to achieve business success.

We are facing a time when there are many uncertainties requiring deep strategic thinking and flexibility which is key to staff retention and well-being.

This is where we come in to help with the AWI (Advanced Workplace Institute).

  • We give you unlimited access to the latest scientific research and insights
  • AWI is a unique collaboration of professionals from all disciplines including CRE, OPS, HR, FM and IT as they journey to a future model of Workplace Management
  • We create valuable networking opportunities in one of the most influential and power clubs in global workplace
  • We actively encourage you to involve as many members of your organisation as you see fit
  • Support your staff recruitment and retention by creating an open and trusted environment of support, learning and development
  • We offer a vast array of events throughout the year designed for development, networking and a source of validation


Goals and Objectives of the AWI



To equip leaders and their teams with the skills, knowledge and confidence needed as they transition to a new discipline of ‘Workplace Management’.



To provide an open environment for collaboration and sharing best practices to initiate meaningful change.


To encourage the use of scientific research and evidence based practice to enhance the professionalism of the ever evolving Workplace Management discipline.

AWI Events


Members will receive access to the following services and benefits, designed to support their workplace transformation strategy:


Membership of AWI is for 12 months

AWI membership is for your organisation, therefore open to your colleagues

Connect David Smalley  for further details –


Interested in joining the Advanced Workplace Institute? To learn more about this group of workplace professionals, or if you’d like to join, contact one of our associates.
David Smalley
Paul Adams
Dani White

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