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The Advanced Workplace Institute (AWI) is dedicated to supporting inspirational leaders from all areas of business (including Operations, Corporate Real Estate, Facilities Management, HR and IT) as they journey to a future model of Workplace Management.

Workplace Management is the holistic management of all resources needed to design & maintain appropriate, effective and economical workplace experiences that align to strategic business objectives and support people in doing their best work every day, wherever they are.

Why AWI?


We are moving to a time when organisations are increasingly dependent on the ingenuity, knowledge, intellect and productivity of their knowledge-based workforces for their business success.

A time where the ‘workplace experience’ means the difference between recruiting key staff or losing them to competitors.

A time when the workplace is no longer exclusively a physical space – it is both virtual and connected and provides the social platform to achieve business success.

A time when there are many uncertainties requiring deep strategic thinking and flexibility.

And a time when organisations need to make best use of their workplace assets to deliver on cost and sustainability goals.

As a result, Workplace Management has evolved to become an integral discipline
that embraces these factors and puts human and business effectiveness at the heart of the thought process.

To support superior personal, community and organisational performance and help organisations deliver superior ‘experiences’ at work, we must cross organisational boundaries to create a new generation of Workplace Managers.

Goals and Objectives of the AWI



To equip leaders and their teams with the skills, knowledge and confidence needed as they transition to a new discipline of ‘Workplace Management’.



To provide an open environment for collaboration and sharing best practices to initiate meaningful change.


To encourage the use of scientific research and evidence based practice to enhance the professionalism of the ever evolving Workplace Management discipline.

How We Do This


Through highly structured and engaging expert led workshops, executive development offerings and access to the latest scientific research, we:

  • Identify how business strategy, culture, design, technology, real estate and facilities management, collectively deliver a multi sensory, multi- faceted employee experience.
  • Provide a valuable support network for all professionals of any discipline responsible for driving change in the workplace.
  • Equip members with the latest tools, knowledge and know-how to influence the future and support their organisation’s journey to a holistic approach to Workplace Management.

Together, we share knowledge and develop best practice to transform workplace management and empower organisations and their people wherever they operate.



Members will receive access to the following services and benefits, designed to support their workplace transformation strategy:

AWA’s leaders have been very influential in shaping the new concept of Workplace Management, embodied in the Workplace Management Framework (WMF). AWI members will have access to dedicated workshops, support materials and key thinkers behind the framework as well as the WMF Maturity Assessment Tool which enables leaders to assess the maturity of their organisations and develop a Strategic Workplace Management plan.

Members have unlimited access to AWA’s rich, diverse and extensive catalogue of scientific research studies, briefings and reports, commissioned in partnership with The Centre for Evidence Based Management, that serve to underpin AWA’s passion, commitment and forward-thinking approach to future workplace change.

Delivered via six separate interactive, online workshops, members will gain valuable, specialist insight into core themes, including: The Six Factors of Knowledge Worker Productivity, Cognitive Fitness and Managing the Agile Workforce; and will have an exclusive first reveal of AWA’s forthcoming research commission, which will dig deeper into the enhancement of human performance.

Highly structured, development workshops featuring expert speakers from across the industry designed to provide practical guidance, in-depth case studies, private visits to innovative workplaces and the latest scientific frameworks and research.

Exclusive leader forums throughout the year for busy workplace leaders to develop their industry knowledge in an informal, social setting with colleagues from leading peer organisations.

These sessions provide an opportunity for workplace leaders to discuss their challenges and journeys when under taking working from home strategies and new ways of working like agile working.

The AWI provides access to a range of professional development services, incorporating executive training, mentoring and coaching, designed to equip leaders with the knowledge, skills and confidence to operate at the highest levels in their organisations. The training programme will be led by experienced business and leadership trainer, and Course Leader at the London School of Economics (LSE) Katie Best, and supported by AWA’s senior leadership team. Executive coaching and mentoring will be led by industry expert and former head of workplace at PwC, Paul Adams.

The AWI will also work with members to design and deliver bespoke programmes aligned to your business needs and context.

*An additional charge will be incurred for one to one coaching and executive training

Advanced Workplace Institute Programme

  • Workshop: An introduction to Workplace Management and Self Assessment

  • Subscription to the Workplace Management Framework (WMF) online self-assessment tool

  • Remote Support
  • Access to AWA’s Research Library of scientific studies undertaken in partnership with The Centre for Evidence Based Management

  • Delivered via live interactive online workshops

  • Access to the latest reports and briefings associated with the latest research programme
  • 4 occupier-only workshops led by leading Workplace thinkers

  • 3 people max per organisation per workshop

  • Key topics associated with the transition to Workplace Management

  • 1-2 dinner forums for one senior leader per member organisation

  • Occupiers only

Benefits & Fees


For Professionals

Let us assist your professional development and maximise your full potential as a leader in workplace management.

Whether you want to improve in your current role or achieve your long-term career goals, we can support you by:

  • Developing your skills with expert- led training workshops and one-to-one coaching.
  • Providing unlimited access to the latest scientific research and insights.
  • Creating valuable networking opportunities for you to meet fellow professionals from across the industry.

For Employers

Reward your Workplace Management employees and support their professional development by providing opportunities for training and advancement tailored to your business needs.

We can support your organisation by:

  • Developing your Workplace Management teams by providing unlimited access to exclusive insights and networking and development opportunities.

  • Supporting staff recruitment and retention by creating an open and trusted environment of support, learning and development.

  • Raising your corporate profile by showing commitment
    to excellence, support and development of your staff and the delivery of best practice.


Corporate membership (a financial contribution to the running of the AWI) is £3,500 + VAT per annum


Interested in joining the Advanced Workplace Institute? To learn more about this group of workplace professionals, or if you’d like to join, contact:
Lewis Crompton at or
Paul Adams

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