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Andrew Mawson


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Andrew Mawson is one of Advanced Workplace Associates (AWA) founding Directors. He holds the executive position of Managing Director. He’s a leading pioneer, thinker and speaker on matters ‘work and place’. He has the extraordinary ability to span the worlds of business strategy, organisational design, workplace strategy, workplace design and change management.

In his consulting work he has led workplace change management programmes with respected clients including Invesco, Unicef UK, Willis Towers Watson, Direct Line Group, National Rail, Royal Bank of Scotland, Merrill Lynch, BUPA and Interserve.

In 2014 Andrew worked with the UK Cabinet Office as an adviser, participating in a review of 13 government departments’ performance in implementing ‘Agile working’ as part of the government’s Civil Service Reform programme. This programme has been instrumental in reducing the UK Governments property portfolio by 20%.

He’s a major contributor to the Advanced Workplace Institute (AWI) and regularly participates in the Transition Group. He’s heavily involved in our research projects and has directed research programmes on Knowledge Worker Productivity, Managing the agile workforce and Cognitive Performance.

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