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Karen Plum is a senior workplace consultant responsible for our Research and Development activities. A Business studies graduate, Karen spent her earlier career in HR before joining Advanced Workplace Associates (AWA) in 1998.

In her consulting work Karen specialises in working as a senior coach with leaders, supporting them in creating the conditions to bring about strategic change in the way their people work. Karen is an expert in agile working, having helped countless organisations transition into new ways of working. She has worked with numerous organisations, helping to coordinate and construct more effective workplace strategies. Clients she has worked with include the Royal Bank of Scotland, Microsoft, Nationwide Building Society, Morgan Stanley, Lloyds Banking Group, Prostate Cancer UK and London & Partners.

Within the Advanced Workplace Institute, Karen has designed and delivered our Transition Group programme, which provides guidance, case studies, tools and peer group support for leaders wishing to evolve to ‘agile’ models for work, place and organisation. Within our PIN Explorer Groups, Karen led our research into ‘Knowledge Worker Productivity’, ‘Cognitive Performance’ and ‘Managing the Agile Workforce’. She has also designed and delivered training courses for RE&FM leaders wanting to better understand what is needed to deliver and sustain agile working – the popular “Agile Working Bootcamp”.

Karen designs and delivers training for AWA associates and partners, supporting their development through a blend of formal training, assignments and coaching, ensuring a consistency of approach and process across projects.

She is a very accomplished and confident facilitator and comperes the Workplace Week Convention, held as part of our BBC Children in Need charity initiative.

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