Nida Mehtab


US-Flag-AWA Advanced Workplace Associates: USA

Nida joined AWA as a Senior Associate in January 2020. She is a Real Estate Planning Professional and a Workplace Strategist who is passionate about working with organizations to improve workplace performance, enhance workers’ productivity and transform the workplace experience through evidence-based research, data driven strategies and scalable programs.

Nida is a trained Architect and holds a master’s degree in Commercial Real Estate Development. She started her career as a Research Analyst for the European Architectural Council and progressed into Program & Portfolio Management following her passion in Workplace Strategy. She has worked with Fortune 500 companies, both as an owner and a consultant, including, Barclays, Standard Chartered, Facebook, PG&E, JLL and C&W. She has worked with all levels of the business from senior executives to the project team. This partnership has led to her consistent success in developing successful programs meeting and exceeding clients’ need.

Her 360-degree experience in the real estate portfolio lifecycle has equipped her with a unique ability to develop workplace programs and strategies that can be translated into charters and business cases allowing organizations to meet their goals with tangible results. Her data driven approach helps develop actionable strategies and scalable programs that lead to seamless implementation.

Nida has been involved in Workplace Transformation Initiatives such as Workplace Mobility and Agile Workforce, helping organizations transition from their legacy workplace practices into activity based working and balanced workplace experiences. She drove these initiatives from initial concepts through implementation including pilot rollout, guidelines and processes development, gap analysis, and change framework.

She believes that questioning the status-quo and using lessons learned are the key to continuous improvement. She specifically enjoys working on programs with aggressive timelines and find working on initiatives that are grey in nature very interesting. She develops structured approach to integrated solutions through collaboration and cultural evolution.

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